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Château du Lude

Château du Lude à JOUY-LE-POTIER © 2

One of the small, undervalued châteaux which abound in Sologne which merits a detour. Built on the banks of the Cosson in a large English garden, the Château du Lude displays undeniable charm from the heights of its elegant 15th and 16th century red bricks.

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    You will have to content yourselves with the exterior of the château as that is all that is open to the public... The picture postcard is enchanting: a stately manor house reflected in the waters of the moats, with 15th and 16th century architecture, a drawbridge, postern and Renaissance courtyard, topped of by the green setting of an English park and small, enclosed garden. And when wasvit built? The Gallo-Roman era! The first structure was erected on pilotis beside the Orléans-Limoges roman road. The pilotis (which still exist to this day) subsequently served as foundations for a medieval construction, surrounded by moats and fortified in the shape of a pentagon.

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