Religious heritage

Religious heritage

The six villages that make up our district are all different, which means they are a good example of the Sologne. However they all have one thing in common ; they all have incredible churches.


Saint-Pierre Church


This Church was partially burnt in 1562 and therefore it has been reconstructed in a few places. The large choir (1845) took over part of the cemetery that occupied what is at present the village square. The cemetery was closed at the beginning of this century.

The church houses a wooden polychrome reliquary shrine dating back to the 16 th century.



Saint-Michel Church

La Ferté Saint-Aubin

This is one of two churches situated in the north of la Ferté Saint-Aubin. It was built in the 11th and 12th centuries. It had only a small nave with two bays ending in a quarter sphere vault covering an apse.

It was extended in the 17th century (Virgin Mary Chapel) and again in the 19th century (the nave was extended).

Up until the 19th century the Saint-Michel neighbourhood was the centre of town (town hall, post office, markets...)


Saint-Aubin Church

La Ferté Saint-Aubin

You can find this church, perched on top of the hill (25 metres high) south of la Ferté, with its remarkable tower dating back to the 12th century. The location, appearance and the shape of this tower will remind you of something more military : a lookout tower ?

It was furnished in the 15th and 16th centuries (doorway). The unique nave and lateral chapel were built in the 16th century.


Saint-Martin Church


Built in the 15th century, this church was partially burnt during the 100 year war and the religious wars. Its roman windows were replaced with gotic windows during its last reconstruction.

One of its two bronze bells dates back to 1650. Inside can be found the 17th century baptismal font, the choir mosaic and the stained-glass windows were restored in 1982.


Saint-Blaise and Saint-Etienne Church


The only original part of this church that remains is the polygonal arrow bell tower covered in slate tiles. The central nave and its two lateral parts were reconstructed in 1872.

The gold painted altar dates back to the 17th century. Its frontage is decorated with a Saint-Esprit dove, on a sun and clouds. On thez tabernacle door is the alliance arch.

16th century Child Virgin


Notre-Dame Church


The original 13th century sanctuary has two bays on the right-hand side of the choir. It was extended in the 15th and 16th century ; a nave and bell tower were added.

In the 19th century the building was radically changed, an apse, a crypt, two chapels and a nave bay were added.

Superb frescoes dating back to the 13th century were discovered in 2013 : the musical angels. Mural paintings of the choir depicting 8 angels with their wings spread out.

Its 16th century wooden structure, made out of chestnut wood, is in the form of "the hull of an upturned boat".

A unique set of roman art in Sologne. It is open on request at the Town Hall.


Saint Jean-Baptiste Church


The choir is a stone vault, the ribs are made out of Apremont stone, and they are supported by strong sandstone pillars. Two lateral chapels honour the Virgin Mary and Saint-Fiacre.

The square bell tower sits over the choir and the nave. Saint Jean-Baptiste's head rests on the altar.